I want one new customer.

June 12, 2017

I am the president of The Journeymasters, our objective in life is to create and deliver the most exceptional incentive travel trips in the world.

I have detected in recent conversations that the objective of the trip buyer has changed from buying the most unforgettable trip possible, to buying the least expensive trip available.

Which is acceptable (if barely) in the travel incentive trade … because to paraphrase J.R.R. Tolkien, “It is better to be on an ordinary trip wishing you were home; than to be home wishing you were on an ordinary trip.”  Travel is by its very nature gratifying.

I, however, seek a trip sponsor, one new customer, who is exhilarated when a guest comes to him or her at the end of the trip and tells them, “This has been the best week of our lives. “ How you gonna top this next year?” “I know I bought (or sold) enough goods to pay for this soiree, but I owe you a thank you on top of that, this was incredible.”

I look for a trip sponsor who demands his guests have a trip that is unduplicable by the participants no matter how rich they are, or how willing they are to spend their riches. “The exceptional deserve the unforgettable.” It is in our logo!

If that be you … Give me a call …